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We have served this community for many years now. We opened this dealership with the intention of providing our customers with a place that they will always be treated fairly, and where we would not let our customer's past cloud our judgement or affect our ability to provide them with amazing automobiles. We think that we have accomplished those goals with Gates Auto Outlet. We have given Richmond a great place to buy cars on any budget in Kentucky. We know that we have a lot to prove to you, and we are prepared to do whatever it takes to earn your business, all you have to do is give us a chance. We promise that we will provide you with a fun and safe place to shop for cars and to learn about all your automotive options.

We do not care about your financial past. We have worked with customers who had no credit, and bad credit for many years now. We know how to get you the loan that you deserve and not the loan that your credit score would have us believe you deserve. We know that you cannot boil a person down to just a number, and we know that you should not judge a person on their financial past. A lot can happen in your life, and we know that. We will always come at your problems with a fair and understanding attitude. We are all people after all, and at Gates Auto Outlet we just want to help you out. If what you need is a vehicle, then that is what we can provide for you. Come to Gates Auto Outlet in Richmond, we promise that you will be glad you did. You can thank us later. We serve Berea, Irvine, Mckee, Mt. Vernon, Stanton, and all of central Kentucky.


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Welcome to our Used Vehicle dealership in Richmond KY

Gates Auto Outlet has dozens of used vehicles for you to choose from. These vehicles can fit into almost any budget. Regardless of your lifestyle or your vehicular tastes, we can find the perfect vehicle for you somewhere on our lot. Not only that, but our sales staff will take the time to get to know you. That may not seem like much, but this is an important decision that you are on the cusp of. This might just be the start of something great, and we want to be here for the start or the continuation of an amazing automotive journey. We will use what we learn from you to custom tailor the vehicles that we show you. We are sure that our professional sales staff can find the perfect vehicle for you and whatever you are looking to do.

Getting the right vehicle today is not enough, we need to make sure that any vehicle you drive off our lot will be perfect for you for many years to come. You are not buying this vehicle to get you down the street for the next month, you are getting this vehicle to propel you into the future. You need to have something that is reliable and that will give you years and years of quality life. Now you might be able to get this at another dealership, but with most used car dealerships you are rolling the dice. They do not take the time to make sure that the cars they are providing are quality, all they care about is appearances. Well at Gates Auto Outlet, we take the time to inspect every vehicle, and we make sure that it can get you where you need to go. We need you to leave our lot in a quality vehicle every time, otherwise we are not only doing ourselves a disservice by harming our name, we are doing our customers a disservice, and that is something that we would never want to happen.

We're here for whatever you need

If you are not in a good way as far as your credit is concerned, then getting a new car from us may be the perfect solution. There are a lot of things that can come up in your life that can hurt your credit, or force you into unexpected debt. Failed businesses, family tragedy, natural disaster, divorce, and many other things can ruin your credit. Sometimes we just make poor choices in our youth. Mistakes can be learned from, but only if you can come back from them somehow. Well at Gates Auto Outlet, we have the perfect way for you to come back from your bad credit situation. Financing a vehicle purchase through us and paying your payments on time can work wonders on your credit. We will make paying off that vehicle easy and reasonable, and by the time you got it all paid off, you may just find that your credit score has new life. We do not think that a number can represent who you are, but if it can help you get the things that you want out of life, then we will certainly help you build it.

If you are still looking for ways to afford the car that you are interested in, then you could always think about trading in your current vehicle. If you own that vehicle free and clear, then why shouldn't you be able to get some value out of it towards the end of its life. We want to see if we can help you do just that. Hop on over to our trade-in calculator and find out how to get the process started and how to get the information that you need. We promise that nothing could be simpler than trading in your vehicle to us. We want to make getting into a newer better car even easier. Trading-in your old vehicle may feel like farewell, but really you should be saying hello to all the money that you will be saving, and to the new vehicle that you will be driving.

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